• Automatic cleaning and sterilisation system
  • Regularly rinses the counter tank
  • UVC light used for sterilisation
  • Stainless steel air filter for hygienic air curtain

Black air grille

  • High-contrast product presentation
  • Easy to remove
  • Suitable for professional dishwashers

FLE-I (flexible cable integration)

  • Simple laying and connection of cables
  • Simple couplings instead of large EDP sockets
  • No more cable spaghetti


  • Clear, spacious price communication
  • Also available digitally

NKS (night-time climate system)

  • No more clearing and restocking at the start and end of the day
  • Your products remain to hand until closing time
  • Automatic adjustment of the counter climate (towards cold-store conditions)

FanCi (fan control indicator)

  • Detects and immediately lights up to report the failure of a fan in your refrigeration unit
  • Prevents reaction delays and the spoilage that can occur because of them
  • Compatible with all monitoring systems and cooling controllers

Filou EK

  • Glass top with rectangular CNS mounts
  • Divided front pane can be turned forwards
  • Payment shelf folds upwards

Filou E

  • Glass top with rectangular CNS mounts
  • Front folds upwards
  • Fixed payment counter

Filou E SB

  • Glass top with rectangular CNS supports
  • Short front pane with no payment shelf
  • Self-service

Filou FLixx

  • Glass top with retractable front for self-service functionality
  • Mechanical process

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  • Low glass top without supports
  • Looks like a jewellery display case