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Live measurement values from a real supermarket


Accessories thought through to the smallest detail


Lowers your operating costs when compared to similar counters by up to 30 %


Guarantees reliable operation and food safety

120° Outside corner

135° Outside corner

150° Outside corner

120° Inside corner

135° Inside corner

150° Inside corner

120° Outside corner

135° Outside corner

150° Outside corner

120° Inside corner

135° Inside corner

150° Inside corner

More transparency for you

As part of the new EU directives, we are happy to provide you with information on the energy efficiency of our products. Upon request, we will be happy to send you details of the labels for our standard straight SIRIUS® modules.


Your employees benefit from improved user-friendliness, helping increase your sales success over the long term. Thanks to the counter top having its depth ergonomically reduced by 30 mm, your display is always easy to reach, making daily life easier for your staff. The available accessories are also cleverly kept within reach. Present your products in a user-friendly manner while maintaining perfect design.


  • Automatic cleaning and sterilisation system
  • Regularly rinses the counter tank
  • UVC light used for sterilisation
  • Stainless steel air filter for hygienic air curtain

Black air grille

  • High-contrast product presentation
  • Easy to remove
  • Suitable for professional dishwashers

FLE-I (flexible cable integration)

  • Simple laying and connection of cables
  • Simple couplings instead of large EDP sockets
  • No more cable spaghetti


  • Clear, spacious price communication
  • Also available digitally

NKS (night-time climate system)

  • No more clearing and restocking at the start and end of the day
  • Your products remain to hand until closing time
  • Automatic adjustment of the counter climate (towards cold-store conditions)

FanCi (fan control indicator)

  • Detects and immediately lights up to report the failure of a fan in your refrigeration unit
  • Prevents reaction delays and the spoilage that can occur because of them
  • Compatible with all monitoring systems and cooling controllers

Filou EK

  • Glass top with rectangular CNS mounts
  • Divided front pane can be turned forwards
  • Payment shelf folds upwards

Filou E

  • Glass top with rectangular CNS mounts
  • Front folds upwards
  • Fixed payment counter

Filou E SB

  • Glass top with rectangular CNS supports
  • Short front pane with no payment shelf
  • Self-service

Filou FLixx

  • Glass top with retractable front for self-service functionality
  • Mechanical process

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  • Low glass top without supports
  • Looks like a jewellery display case


As a focal point

Draw up an eye-catching design for your counters

As an island

Arrange it however you desire

Run-on counters

As long as you want

One by one

A combination ensuring sales success

In a small area

Use your space efficiently