The first circular fan-cooled display counter on the market


Manually rotating 360° display surface


Innovative design, perfectly ergonomic


Absolute temperature stability and hygiene

FanCi (fan control indicator)

  • Detects and immediately lights up to report the failure of a fan in your refrigeration unit
  • Prevents reaction delays and the spoilage that can occur because of them
  • Compatible with all monitoring systems and cooling controllers

presentation dishes

Present the full range of your chilled goods using a single set of dishes. Our high-quality dishes in timeless black are an optional addition to the AirMaxx and are suitable for the following products: –

  • Meat and sausages
  • Cheese and deli items
  • Baked goods and chocolates
  • Fish
Mosaic tiles

A focal point along your counter

Plate copper

A warm colour for a cosy atmosphere

Wood panelled

The appeal of classic wooden surfaces

Palette knife technique

Conveys the quality of your products


Your individual counter frontage